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Wireless outdoor siren EWS4

Louder, stronger and bigger siren that emits the sound and LED lights to notify about the danger. Larger product size meets the market demand and ensures complete safety of a property.EWS4 makes an ear-splitting 104-110 dB


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Battery Type and NumberLithium CR123 type (non-rechargeable) 6 batteries
Battery Life Time*~60 months (when all 6 batteries are in use)
External power supply8-15V DC, 1A
Wireless operating frequencyISM868
Built-in temperature sensorYes
Operating temperature range-30…+55ºC (-22… +131°F)
Dimensions289.6 mm x 210 mm x 50.15 mm
Acoustic sound level104-110 dB at distance of 1 m
Wireless Communication RangeUp to 3 km in open areas
IP ratingCompatible with IP54
System compatibilityELDES wireless alarm systems (ESIM384, Pitbull Alarm PRO)
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